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looking for a partner
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A friend, former member of HHSA, and former HHS slipholder,  David Kahrnoff asked me to post the following:


Share a sailboat - want a partner?

I'm looking for someone with an under-used 27ft - 35ft sailboat, who would like a contribution to the cost of owning the boat, in exchange for shared use.  I am an experienced sailor, have owned many boats, and can help a new sailor “learn the ropes”.  I usually day sail, often on weekdays.  (No kids, no pets, no parties, no drinking, no mess, and no smoking.) 

I frequently sail single handed, so I'm looking for a boat with a dependable diesel engine, roller furling, wheel steering and, preferably, autopilot and ST winches.

If you're interested in having a responsible person share your boat and help defray the cost of ownership, please contact me.  My preferred sailing base would be anywhere on the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay, from the Magothy River to Herring Bay.  I'm very flexible, and would consider just about any kind of joint use, shared cost arrangement, or partnership that made sense.


Call David at (202) 841-2589   or   email at


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