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Message to Women's Regatta RC Volunteers!
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Thanks to everyone that has volunteered for RC for Saturday's Women's Regatta. Race Committee is an important piece of a successful regatta and it's important that everyone have a sense of what to expect. I will be in charge of the Signal Boat, Ted will be in charge of the Mark Boat/Finish Boat.

I will assign volunteers to a boat later this evening based on what I think will give us the right level of experience for the required tasks. Our RC boat capacities are limited so it is probable that each person on board will be given a task. Every task on RC is important and must be taken seriously and executed properly.

Please treat being on the RC boat professionally. The time before the race is busy and requires focus. After all starts for each race are clear it is possible to relax and be a spectator, but not until all boats are clear.

During each race we will be tracking the wind direction and observing the progress of the race and considering any actions that the RC needs to take to improve racing for the next race or possibly shortening the course of that race. At no time during the race will there be any communication with competing boats except for official communications to relay information to all competitors. Coaching or providing assistance to competitors is prohibited by rule and could result in disqualification of the boat receiving assistance. Friendly hellos and waves are of course acceptable!

Thanks again for volunteering. This is an important race for HHSA and the competitors involved and they deserve a well-managed race. Race Committee can be challenging, but it can be a lot of fun as well.

David McCullough
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