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Herrington Harbour Sailing Association
Promoting sailing in Herring Bay, MD

Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: Sail Trim from the Expert
When: Saturday, February 22, 2020, 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM

Name Type
Vilma Baez Everyone
Doug Alexander Everyone
Doug Alexander Everyone
Denise Allen Everyone
Christine Born Everyone
June Brown Everyone
stephen brown Everyone
Randal Burnette Everyone
Mark Burrows Everyone
Bill Byrd Everyone
Rosemary Byrd Everyone
Rick Caruso Everyone
Adam Cermak Everyone
Shelly Cermak Everyone
David Chappell Everyone
Howard Dew Everyone
Jayne Durden Everyone
Jason Fox Everyone
Catherine Freel Everyone
Charles Freeman Everyone
Sara Gagneten Everyone
Vania Georgieva Everyone
Steveh Gross Everyone
Kenneth Himes Everyone
Barbara Hoover-Whoosh Everyone
Harry Jennings Everyone
Michel Jichlinski Everyone
Mari Kehrig Everyone
Peter Kehrig Everyone
Steven Keller Everyone
Carrie Kleinjan Everyone
Scott Kleinjan Everyone
Eunice Lin 1 Everyone
Eunice Lin 2 Everyone
Dennis Madden Everyone
Noel Madden Everyone
Edward Madocks Everyone
Dennis McCarthy Everyone
Mary McClellan Everyone
Jeremy Midgley Everyone
Gail Monhan Everyone
Bruce Moody Everyone
Kathy Padilla Everyone
Steven Padilla Everyone
ED POTTER Everyone
Lori Prencipe Everyone
David Robb Everyone
Robert Sadler Everyone
Doug Schnelzer Everyone
Liz Schnelzer Everyone
Susan Sherrod Everyone
Linda Shively Everyone
Robert Shively Everyone
Deanna Sivers Everyone
Larry Sivers Everyone
Ted Slotwinski Everyone
Matt Venhaus Everyone
Paul Weiner Everyone
Brenda Welch Everyone
Michael Whalen Everyone
Dale Whitley Everyone
Thomas Wiltshire Everyone
Beverly Wright Everyone
George Yungmann Everyone
Michelle Zelsman Everyone
David Ziegler Everyone

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