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Thank you, Margaret. So glad to have your representation on the board.

Jayne and I were talking about doing a fundraiser of some sort, but didn’t get covert far. I don’t think we have discretionary budget for that, unless maybe it’s a way to obtain a webinar with them. I’ll check with the board.

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I received the message below from the National Women's Sailing Association on July 21st. I'm wondering if HHSA has a discretionary budget we may tap to get some funds to the Maiden Factor. We've all likely seen other fund raising campaigns where an organization pledges to match donations up to a certain level of member contributions. Do you think something like that would be feasible?


The Maiden Factor had funding. But they lost it. 

We (the National Women's Sailing Association) asked a poll question during Maiden Mondays: "Have you seen "Maiden" the documentary?" 89% of you said you saw the film. As Maiden's story unfolds, we learn that King Hussein I of Jordan funded the team because he was inspired by Tracy's vision, and wanted to see her succeed.

So when Tracy went to rescue Maiden a few years back, the late King Hussein's daughter, Princess Haya, stepped up to fund the restoration and kickstart the (Maiden Factor) tour to fund more access to education for girls around the world.

Fast-forward to today, Princess Haya's circumstances have changed, and her funds were cut off. On top of that, Covid-19 made it IMPOSSIBLE for Maiden to tour, which also provided income.

They are in danger of no longer being able to sail into harbors and impact communities.

When we heard Maiden needed help, NWSA + WWS teamed up with Tracy Edwards in the hopes we could galvanize our community to do big things, just as we have in the past. 

It’s time to turn our inspiration into action. Maiden needs our help. Here’s how you can help them keep moving! 

Go to and donate.

  • Donations come with rewards:
  • $15 gets you a signed autograph by Tracy Edwards
  • $35 gets you a keyring made from the original Maiden lines
  • $80 gets you a designed piece made from the original hull

Help us spread the word by sharing this fundraiser with friends letting them know why you care about this movement.

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