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Series 1, Race 6
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Putting on my Vice Commodore hat here for a second...

Beda/Michel--Thanks for both of your notes.

For all of us--

We also need to think about our professionalism when we grab the radio mic; I know many of you were frustrated, but I was disappointed with it getting vented for all to hear, especially after Beda asked for a bit of slack for his first time out there.  Remember, you don't only reflect poorly on yourself, but on the club as a whole.  I'd like to think that's not who we are.


I was going to write something today on the subject but it is best for me to follow on Beda's nice note. It was indeed a trying experience for all and my appreciation to our racers for their forbearance.

For all racers a few pointers:

1) If you are racing, you must do RC duty at least once unless this is your first year

2) A Race committee training video, power point and pdf are on the website. If you OR your crew are not familiar with RC duties, go through it beforehand

3) If you are new or hesitant you can try to get an experienced person on board to help you. This is harder to do on Wednesdays as everyone wants to race but you may have better luck on weekend races, use the Racing Forum discussions to find help

4) Another potential way to get some practice is by going through a training session WITH YOUR CREW. I would be happy to help with that, and if I cannot I am sure I can find volunteers to do that. Just reach out to me and let's set a time.

5) Lastly if none of the above work, ask to join a RC boat one day and see how it's done in person. That is easy to organize: just contact the RC, I am sure they will welcome you onboard.



Now when the final results of Series 1, Race 6 are posted, I want to apologize for the mishaps on the start. I learned a lesson (actually several) the hard way. Regrettably, it has been the racers and my crew who had to bear the consequences. I hope that the great sailing weather was able to remove at least a part of the bitter taste left by my mistakes.

Beda (Uncloudy Day)

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