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RC Tonight - Jubilee
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For those brave souls who ventured out last evening and bobbed around on shiny Herring Bay, you should know that the forecasted breeze associated with the cold front did not arrive before we left Skippers at around 9:30. How often have we seen the breeze fill in shortly after hoisting November?

See everyone next week.



Looks like the threat of rain is fading from the forecast. I do not have a handle on the wind at this time. We plan to get out early and look around. Listen on VHF Channel 68 for updates on our location and course selection.

I prefer that boats check in by passing close to the Committee Boat so that we get a visual on you and your boat. If you are running late, by all means call us on the radio.

After you have checked in please stay clear of the RC so that others may check in safely. If you are reaching up and down the line before your starting sequence, you are probably in the way. Let us know if you are sailing Short Handed.



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