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Poplar Island Race
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Cynde Nordone Parklawn Sailing Assoc, Express 30 PHRF 153. She raced in the last 3 Womens Regattas.

Posted by: Jayne Durden on 9/19/2021 at 7:26 PM
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That's right Hank 
   Email from them just arrived in the Forum - it was why I tried to call you. I don't have boat details but know that the boat is known.   

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Vivace is skippered by Cynde Nordone - she brought the boat down for the Women's Regatta and we have the boat details in the race results for that.
That's right Hank

Email from them just arrived in the Forum - it was why  I tried to call you.  I don't have boat details but know that the boat is known.  
I assume Vivace (Robert Tanney) was a guest racer from PCRC.  Before I score her, will you please verify?  We raced against her in the Oxford/Hammond.


Already texted! 



Can you take a picture of the sign-in sheet and either email it to me or text it to me at 703 508 1385 (same number as on the sign-in sheet).  I'd like to get the race scored.  Would be much obliged.


Hi racers

Looks like a lovely day for tomorrow. Happy Place is your RC for the day. Looking forward to seeing you all out there.


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