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Revised High Point Results
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Late in answering but my answer as well is yes and yes, so the results as posted are correct I believe. Congratulations to Doug and a special nod to Peter for doing so well as a brand new racer.



Yes, that is my understanding. That being the case I believe the Frostbite Races should not figure into SH Highpoint.


Posted by: Hank Chalkley on 10/5/2021 at 10:37 AM
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BTW, did we all agree to count the SH points the same as high points?

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yes, you were tracking like high points.

Meeting minutes don't specify end:

3. Boat Classes for 2021

c. The Committee agreed that while shorthanded racers will not have a separate

Shorthanded class, the challenges for shorthanded crew should be recognized.

Hank will add a column to track boats racing shorthanded and will award points

to any boat that races shorthanded in any race (S, NS-A or NS-B)

Maybe it is in the meeting minutes?

Since REVOLUTION has been doing a lot of shorthanded sailing, I am fine either way if we end it now with high points or extend to end of the year with Frostbite races.


BTW, did we all agree to count the SH points the same as high points?

They're coming unless you want to include the Frostbites in them.  I recommend we don't, but I don't race shorthanded.


What about short handed results?

HHSA Racers,

Enclosed are revised results.  Bruce Trauben should have been listed as Put-In-Bay's skipper.  Mea culpa, Bruce.

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