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Racing Results

Series 1, Race 1 Results
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Second Wind was sold last fall and  moved to Delaville.



I don't recall seeing Second Wind on Wednesday. If she was racing, there should be a new skipper, as Joe Howell has retired from racing. 


No spreadsheet is required when a race is abandoned.  I would delete it from the record.  Doesn't matter who showed up.



The spreadsheet requires that you use times in the following format:  XX:XX:XX.  So an elapsed time of 5:15 minutes should be entered as 00:05:15.  Elapsed time in the spreadsheet is a calculation of Finish Time - Start Time.  Try your examples using this format and I think you'll find that all is well.


The spreadsheet needs to be revised to accurately reflect the boats that showed up.

There are several boats that did not race yet they are listed.


I am referring to the elapsed times and the corrected times on the spreadsheet.



I went to racing results on the HHSA website. I clicked on 2022 results, series 1 race 1.  I looked at the summary sheet.  The file I am referring to is attached.



What spreadsheet are you reviewing?  The Race 1 results had no finish times.  Mark used the 2021 Series 3 Race 6 results corrected for the new scratch sheet for calculating the 2022 results, but since the race was abandoned there were no finish times.  I'm confused.

The results show REVOLUTION starting. This is incorrect. If we get enough crew when I can return, we could do Spinnaker. Please don't classify us yet.



Hi folks:

Nice to know you are checking my work. 😄 New guy on the job.

Bob and Peter: I updated your PHRF ratings on the scratch scoring sheet for next week.

Eunice: I've added a new tab on the racing menu for Racing Results History. I constructed it from previous Racing Results pages. They only go through 2017. The 2018-21 results documents are in Documents from the Member Resources menu. It will be a project to put together 2018-21 pages. Volunteer?

This week's race is already on the Results page. I put a note at the top of the Summary stating the race was abandoned. The note was at the bottom of the previous version.




Look at the summary sheet. The first boat, Adagio, had an elapsed time of 5:15 minutes. Adagio has a PHRF of 87 so her corrected time should exceed her elapsed time. However the spreadsheet shows a corrected time of 4:52:02.  Look at the first two boats in the NSR class Amara and Blew Bayou II.  Both show elapsed times of 5:20. Amara has a PHRF of 99.  Blew Bayou II has a PHRF of 171.  Since both boats have the same elapsed time (equivalent to saying that they crossed the finish line at the same time), the boat with the higher PHRF, Blew Bayou II, should correct over Amara--that is, Blew Bayou II should end up with a lower corrected time than Amara.  The spreadsheet shows just the reverse.  Amara is shown as having a lower corrected time than Blew Bayou II.

To do a specific numerical example.  Blew Bayou II has a PHRF of 171.  Thus her correction factor should be 650/(150+171)=.901.  5:20 elapsed time is 320 seconds.  Since the corrected time is the time correction factor times the elapsed time, Blew Bayou II should have a corrected time of ,901x320 = 288 seconds, or 4:48.  Yet the spreadsheet shows a corrected time of 7:10 for Blew Bayou II.



I just checked the spreadsheet and paged through the corrected time cells for all boats in the Results worksheet.  It is correct.


And Oops--I have to correct myself: the RRS does use the term "retired" extensively (and "RET" is an official score), however it is not formally defined by the RRS in the definitions.

Bob--Yes, I agree completely with your math.  I was messing around in the spreadsheet and I was getting the opposite result you are describing in the 3 cells I tested (so the spreadsheet appears "correct").  Can you point me to a specific tab/cell/row where you are seeing the incorrect results? 


Kent, yes that certainly adds to the confusion!  I still hear people occasionally saying that on the radio.  Under current RRS/usage, the term "abandoned" applies to any scheduled race that doesn't happen regardless of reason.  Technically, a race can even be abandoned after it has been completed (a very rare but possible example of this might be when there was such an an incredible protest chain that impact most boats that a Protest Committee can't actually determine a fair outcome, so they may chose to just 'throw the race out..." but that is still score as "abandoned."

There is nothing that formally defines the terms for an individual leaving a race, however as you mentioned, by custom a skipper typically "Retires" if it is after the start of the day/series (and will typically be scored as "DNF"), or "withdraws" before the first race of a series that they have registered for (typically scored "DNC" or "DNS" depending on the circumstance).  A skipper may also chose to "retire" after they finish if they know they committed an offense since "DNF" is considered a 'better' finish than "DSQ" that might be assigned by a protest committee.  The finer points here won't typically impact us here at HHSA, but the intricacies of scoring sailboat racing can be almost as much fun as scoring a baseball game :) 


The time correction factor is 650/(550+PHRF). Boats with PHRF greater than 100 have time correction factors of less than one and vice versa for boats with PHRF less than 100. The corrected time is elapsed time multiplied by time the time correction factor.

Thus boats with PHRF greater than 100 should have corrected times less than their elapsed time. Boats with PHRF less than 100 should have corrected times that exceed their elapsed times. The spreadsheet shows just the reverse. Boats with PHRF greater than 100 have corrected times that exceed their elapsed times.

That is what I meant.


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If a boat is leaving competition, they should inform RC they have retired.

It is not always good to so in the peak of a storm, but when a storm has passed, that is if is a short event.

Wait AFTER a start count down, too. Wait until after the start to inform RC if you had checked in.

Remember RC may be dealing with the storm, too. And everyone may want to listen for distress calls as a priority.

Mom use to say, no news is good news.

And, you may decide after the storm has passed and you have recovered, you may want to continue. It can be pretty nice out once a short storm has passed.

Try to ride out a bad brew up with bare poles and no engine if you can maintain safe distance. Then put sails up after storm has passed.

Been there done that!



Just to add to the confusion. About 7 years ago we, Wednesday night racers, were caught in a very violent thunderstorm. Forty knot plus gusts and no visibility. A number of racers called over the radio that they were “abandoning” the race. This caused others to think the race was abandoned which was not the case. (Though it should have been). In any event this set off a discussion about appropriate language to use when deciding not to continue racing. My understanding is that a race is abandoned by the RC if it has been started, canceled if announced prior to anything happening, and a racer can decide to retire after starting.

Cheers all.

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Clearly there's no ambiguity in either one, so it probably doesn't matter what you call it.  Outcome is the same.


Posted by: Henry G Chalkley on 5/6/2022 at 12:04 PM
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Regarding abandoned vs cancelled, don't have any of the old RRSs to go back to.  But, I must have had it backwards.  I can say that I never scored an abandoned race.... the only good thing that could happen to me in such an event.

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Regarding abandoned vs cancelled, don't have any of the old RRSs to go back to.  But, I must have had it backwards.  I can say that I never scored an abandoned race.... the only good thing that could happen to me in such an event.


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