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Bradley Apling

Good Day,

I'd like to find out about the racing events noted in the HHSA calendar and whether there's a possibility to participate as a crew member.

I finished and successfully completed the ASA101 Course and Certification through The Sailing Academy. Captain Phinehas Bowen, my instructor, indicated that the HHSA racing clubs could offer an opportunity to learn and improve on our sailing skills through signing up for those events.

I understand that adding someone to a crew who has not worked before with other team members is a gambit. The skipper and other experienced crew members don't need to have concerns about a 'newbie' becoming a distraction.

I also understand that those who get added if needed (no guarantees as likely most crew members are already decided on) may often serve to just sit and help balance out the boat. I'm fine with all of that.

The question then: Is there a possibility to be on a list as an alternate, even if it's a long shot?

Thank you very much for your time and information.

Bradley Apling


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