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Women Underway in HHSA

2021 HHSA Women's Regatta
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The HHSA Women's Regatta is less than a week away!

The Sailing Instructions have been posted on the website.

We have 10 boats registered- 3 spin and 7 non-spin.

The Skipper's meeting will be at 7 pm on Thursday night (the Women Underway meeting). You don't need to race to join, so sign up to get the link.

We have a meet and greet at 830 am on Saturday morning at the HHN Flagpole, and then a BBQ and awards at the Gedunk after the races.

Looks like it will be breezy from the South which means we should be able to get 3 races in.

Thursday is the deadline for registration but, quite honestly, we will welcome any (qualified 🙂) boat that comes out on Saturday. Just make sure you register and check in!

This year, we have boats from Annaoplis and West River. Let's give them a warm HHSA welcome.

See you all out there. Sail fast and have fun.

Your Regatta Co-Chairs,

Emily Manders (Jubilee) and

Eunice Lin (Delirium)

If you're a skipper or crew planning on joining the Women's Regatta or just interested to learn more about it, make sure you attend this month's Women Underway meeting on Thursday.

We'll talk about putting a team together, prep and training and how the event will be run.

Make sure you register for the Zoom details:

We're excited to see everyone getting jazzed up about the regatta! In an effort to make logistics a little easier for non-HHSA boats, we have decided to forego the 9 am Skipper's Meeting on Saturday morning. Instead, we plan to have a virtual meeting on {most likely} Thursday evening and will record it so it can be viewed later.

Hopefully this will allow more boats to make the trip on Saturday morning and get a little more sleep. The trip from Annapolis to HHSA Mark "A" can take anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on your boat and the weather/sea state conditions.

This change, along with additional information, will be included in the Sailing Instructions.

If you need a slip, contact Herrington Harbour North and ask for Megan Dierks. Let them know you are with the Women's Regatta.

The annual HHSA Women's Regatta is Saturday, June 26. We had to cancel it last year because of Covid, but we're hoping that this year will more than make up for it.

We hope that you all will join us. Go to where you will find the NOR and more info on the Women's Sailing page. You'll also be able to register for the regatta and get more information on upcoming Women Underway meetings where we will be discussing plans for the regatta and answering questions.

We also have set up an Event on HHSA's Facebook page, where you can post questions and where crew/boats can connect with each other.

Note that even though the first warning is planned for 11 am, we will have a Skipper's meeting before the race. Post-race plans will depend on the Covid situation.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Hope to see you there!

Eunice Lin

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