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Herrington Harbour Sailing Association
Promoting sailing, racing, cruising, and training 
in Herring Bay and beyond
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Benefits and Cost

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- Access more Forums and be an active participant in discussions ranging from Women's Sailing to Training
- Access the full event calendar
- Access photo albums from our events
- Access archives of our newsletter, "Harbour Light"
- Access the member's directory

Receive our Monthly Newsletter electronically

Recognized by CBYRA and other organizations as a participating club

Electronic Notification and Reminders about Upcoming Events
- Forums let you tailor what you get and how often you get it

Planned Cruises Almost Every Weekend

- Sail in company and explore the Bay


Active Social Calendar

- Different events for all tastes


Active Weekend and Wednesday Night Racing Program

- Race your boat or crew for others


Friendship and Camaraderie

- Make new friends, share our passion


--Coming Soon--A mentor program that matches people looking for knowledge and experience with those that have it
- Build your sailing, and maintenance kills with confidence 


Long Cruises on the Bay and Charters Abroad

- See the world, or at least our corner of it

Discount on BoatUS Membership
-Members of HHSA are entitled to individual membership at 50% off the normal price of $30.00.  BoatUS membership in turn has a number of advantages, including rebates on purchases at West Marine, and the first $50.00 of towing free.  Higher limited are also available for extended towing insurance.  A must for most of us!  BoatUS membership also entitles the member to discounts at marinas for fuel, overnight stays and repairs.  Many of us have saved several times the cost of membership from the discounts alone.  Once you join, you will be able to see the discount code to use when registering with BoatUS

How Much Does It Cost To Join?

$75 per year per family.
$155 per year if you intend to race with HHSA (the additional $80 directly supports the racing program)
A one-time optional $30 will buy you one of our HHSA Burgees, which are made of high-quality embroidered nylon.
Yes, that's it.

Ready to Join?

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