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August 2022 Racing News

July and August bring the heart of the racing season with key races for Wednesday Night Series, weekend distance races, and CBYRA racing with other Chesapeake clubs.  To learn more, including results, 

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HHSA Racers Take on CBYRA for Memorial Day

Two of the Chesapeake Bay's classic races are over the Memorial Day weekend and HHSA racers were out to compete.  The weather made for great downwind sailing.

In the Down the Bay Race that goes to Hampton, VA, Albert Bossar and Allegiant took first place in PHRF B. Allegiant also has the best corrected time overall winning the Virginia Cruising Cup.

In the Annapolis to Miles River Race, Lynn McClaskey and Cimmaron took first place in PHRF A and Keith Mayes and Emily Manders on Jubilee were seventh in ORC 2.


Annapolis to Miles River Results
72nd Down the Bay Race for the Virginia Cruising Cup Results 

Photo Credit: John Deutsch

HHSA at CHESSS Poplar Island Race

Blew Bayou II finished 2nd out of 2 boats in the double handed jam (non spin) class.   We were within 90 seconds corrected time.  So close, yet….

In better news, Bob Spann sailed Resilient to a commanding win of the Alerion 28 OD class.  (Out of 2 boats racing).  He was 24 minutes ahead of the second boat, too.  Nicely done, Bob!!

Firth of Tay also registered to race but did not start.  

Despite WindAlert predicting 5-7 kt winds, we had nearly constant 10-12 kts for most of the race.  They did shorten the course from the 15 nm course to the 10 nm course   We could not have asked for better race conditions, or for better wind to sail home from West River.  

Basic Race Management Seminar at Maryland Yacht Club Regatta


IN-PERSON Basic Race Management Seminar at Maryland Yacht Club .

Registration Link:

The Instructors are Sharon Hadsell and Tom Stalder.

This In-Person seminar consists of one session on Sunday, May 22 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern.
The seminar will be held at Maryland Yacht Club, 1500 Fairview Beach Rd, Pasadena, MD.

There is approximately 90-120 minutes of course pre-work required before the seminar begins. Attendance is required to complete and pass the course.

About ten days before your course begins, you will receive an email from US Sailing ( ) inviting you to log into in the course through Canvas, US Sailing’s online learning platform. Please click the "Get Started" link right away to complete your profile and access the course materials. There are a few short quizzes and activities you are asked to complete prior the first session.

The lead instructor will email you with course information, including directions for course pre-work.

Local Covid Guidelines will be followed.

US Sailing Course Registration fee is $40.
Food will be available for purchase at the club.

Registration closes May 11. Walk-In registrations are not allowed.

Racing Document Updates

The following are the main updates to the HHSA Racing Documents.  The complete documents are available at 2022 Racing Documents.

For all documents, various typographical and spacing changes have been made to make the documents easier to read. 

Updates to HHSA Sailing Instructions

  • Page 1: 9 Pennant removed. No separate Spinnaker A and Spinnaker B classes

  • Page 1: SA/D for Non-Spin Racing and Non-Spin Cruising changed to 21.

  • Page 3 Change of the starting time for the sequence times in the multi-start sequence table

  • Page 7: Race to Miles River added

  • Bloody Point Race replaced with Race to Miles River

  • Doublehanded Race renamed Shorthanded Race

  • Dates for various weekend races changed

  • West River and Miles River races will reverse the order of starts with 15 and  20 minutes between starts, respectively.. Awards are planned after each race.

  • HHSA Summer Regatta moved to September and renamed HHSA Regatta

Updates to HHSA Rules

  • Page 7: No change to 10 D. The wording for this rule seems to cause confusion. Competition Committee will review this rule during 2022.

  • Page 10: Updates to example sequence

Updates to the HHSA Course Book

  • No Changes

Updates to HHSA Race Committee Manual

  • Page 4: 9 Pennant removed. No separate Spinnaker A and Spinnaker B classes

  • Page 6: 6. C,  Example for length of starting line modified.

  • Page 11: Change of the starting time for the sequence times in the multi-start sequence table

  • Page 14: Contact information for racing result updated to and Burrows text number

Updates to Sign In Sheet

  • Class columns including Shorthanded added for easier check in.

  • Back side of sheet added to facilitate tracking the order of finish documentation

  • Finalizing Racing Member/Boat list

Upcoming CBYRA Races

AYC Spring Race to Oxford - May 7

Herrington Harbour to Cambridge Race - May 7 

CHESSS Poplar Island Race - May 21

Down the Bay Race - May 27

Annapolis - Miles River Race - May 28

Annapolis-Bermuda Start - June 3 


PHRF Certificates

Get ready for the 2022 season! Apply for your PHRF certificate but read this first 
Get Your PHRF Rating Right

PHRF of the Chesapeake has established a new Cruiser class.  Go to for details
2021-06-23 Wednesday Series 2 Race 3
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