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The course is Victor SHORT for all classes. Expect an on-time start (Lima Down at 1359). There will be three starts. Please be mindful that the start line is perpendicular to the first leg, not square to the wind. Gave you a nice long line to accommodate not hitting the signal boat... :)


Good Morning HHSA Racers!

Your friendly RC for today's Bloody Point Race here. While it is a stunningly gorgeous morning here in the marina this morning, the forecast models are consistently showing very little wind for this afternoon (and near-perfect wind much later this evening...sigh). But as always, we will head out and see what we see. I expect to be anchored by HHSA "A" by 1330 to start check-ins (minor modification to the SIs) for Lima down at 1359.

Important reminders, especially for our newer racers:

  1. Make sure you are reading the correct SIs! Not the same as Wednesday night!
  2. The start line for this race ("Course V") is set perpendicular to the first leg of the course, NOT square to the wind. My personal best guess right now is that will create a downwind or beam reach start in light air, so dust off some of your tactics for unusual starting situations.
  3. Short-handed racers: please remember to specifically tell me you are checking in short-handed.

It will be a gorgeous day to be out on the water, so looking forward to seeing everyone out there!


S/V Fine Tuned

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