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Michel, yes for Spook on the 14th,

Matt, Peter, and other RC volunteers,

When you are looking for help with RC, consider checking the Crew Finder Forum. There are people looking for rides. I started at HHSA as one of those folks.

Also, the Crew Finder can be used to announce when you are looking for people. We have a number of new members who may not race but might be interested if you put out the invitation.



Thanks Matt and Peter I am writing it down. Yes Doug, Revolution has done a lot so standby for now. Amara for sure will do one frostbite (if I don't sink her until then) and I stay on the lookout to step in when I get back if needed. But as Jason said: many need to do RC duty still.

Spook, are you confirmed for July 14?

Firth of Tay will be RC boat for July 21st. But I need a crew, including someone to be RC Officer. I'm still not comfortable enough with the proceedings to run the event.

Yes, it is easy to roll the board up as the halyard is lowered. Makes life easy.

I am also willing to give up RC duties the last week if someone would like to do RC for Frostbite. We've done a Wednesday and a Weekend.




Please sign me up for Race Committee next week July 7th. Right now it looks like a nice day with the high's around 92 degrees.

Right now I don't have anyone with me, but I'm sure I can get a few people to help. I can take up to 14 comfortably.

If anyone wants to join me, you're welcome to come hang out on the cat for the evening. We'll have the A/C cranking and the ice maker running.


s/v Three Seas

2002 Fountaine Pajot Belize 43

Update: The Orange tetrahedron bag was finally on the brink of failure. It is now in a new blue bag without a drawstring (will get that added soon) courtesy of Amy and some spare mesh fabric she had.


  • When you return the gear to the locker, it goes on the left just inside the door and should be left neatly and easily visible for the next RC.
  • E-mail if anything needs to be replaced or replenished.
  • The best way to stow the signal halyard such to not create a Gordian Knot for the next RC is also the simplest: TIGHTLLY roll the lines around the lower board while someone else keeps tension on the halyard during the lowering process.


There are 36 Events that require an RC this year and 44 Racing Members (and if you look down the list, there are a few people who have graciously stepped up more than once already). On behalf of Michel, I'm a bit embarrassed that he is having to beg to get RC volunteers. There are a lot of reasons people may not have signed up yet, but I sincerely hope one of them is NOT that skippers are not "playing chicken" with the calendar because there are more skippers than RC opportunities. I'll grant that it's intimidating at first, but it's not that hard and there are several resources available and those of us who are very willing to help if you ask to make it easy. Please pick a day and get on the calendar; our whole racing program collapses if you we don't have volunteer RCs.

Thanks and Happy 4th!


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