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Turns at the Start
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Afternoon HHSA Racers---

Great race last night! Quite a few people asked me why I took two turns right after at the spin start, which prompted a few discussions about RRS 44.1 and 44.2 (Penalties at the Time of an Incident) at the bar. In my ongoing quest to help the fleet learn from my mistakes...

Basically, ~45 seconds before the start I lost control of the jib on the winch and couldn't come to a close-hauled course. Glissade was to leeward and I was consequently forcing her down (I was reasonably sure she had rights to take me up and wanted to do so). I hailed over indicating "I can't turn up any further, I'll take a penalty" and Glissade adhered to Rule 14 (avoiding contact).

The confusion at the bar seemed to be about 1 vs. 2 turn penalties. The 1-turn penalty is only for hitting a mark (Rule 31). The 2-turn penalty is for all Part 2 infractions. Per 44.2, they shall be taken as soon as possible after getting well clear of other boats (in retrospect I should have gone a little further down the course... although clear, I did end up a little too close to the second start for my own comfort).

This also highlights one the 2021Rule changes by the way... If Glissade (or any other boat that was forced to break a rule as a result of my foul), all the other boats are now automatically exonerated without a hearing (Rule 43.1) once I admitted fault and took the penalty.



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