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Revised Series 2 Race 6 Results and Series 2 Summa...
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 When there are 5 or races in a series, there is one throwout.  Hence, four out of five races counted in Series 2. If we have four or less races in a series of seven or fewer races, there are no throwouts.  Check HHSA Racing Rules (para 17.G, pg 10).  There's other good stuff in there, too.


Your calculation for best 5 of 6 is for 4 of 6.


HHSA Racers,

First, I misread the sign-in sheet and corrected Kaya's finish time.  Enclosed are the revised Race 6 results.

Enclosed also are the summary results for Series 2.  Congratulations to Keith Mayes and the crew of Jubilee, Jim Murtland and the crew of Avalon, and Jeff Bowen and the crew of Salute, the Series 2 winners in Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker Racer, and Non-Spinnaker Cruiser classes, respectively.

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