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Cove Pt Classic
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The issue with the entry fee for the Cove Pt. Classic Regatta has been resolved. You can register through the following link. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shearwater SC

I told Tom that we were unable to help him. Here is his response;

Hello Michel,

Thank you for looking into it. I really appreciate it. We have the same problem getting people out for RC. We basically are down to a few people doing it every time.

I think work out some kind of alternative for the finish. As always, we extend the invite to HHSA members for the race. Doug Ellmore has supported the race many time. Thanks.



I received this request from Tom O'Farrell. I don't think we can really respond positively but I am circulating it anyways, in case someone would want to do that.


Hello Michel,

We discussed our Cove Pt. Classic Regatta last year. This race is scheduled for Sept. 26 this year. It starts outside the Patuxent R. and ends outside the West River. The boat that normally finishes the race is in the process of being sold.

I wanted to ask you if HHSA might consider helping us finish the race this year outside Herring Bay instead of the West R as a back up if we can't finish the race.. If you think its possible, we could try to work out a financial arrangement. I would really appreciate it if you could consider it.

Thank you. I wasn't expecting this to happen but I recently got word of the potential problem.


Shearwater SC

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