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Hosting an HHSA Cruise

What does it meant to "host" an HHSA Cruise?

Simply, it means that you will be welcoming on board your boat for Happy Hour the day of the cruise the HHSA cruisers that signed up for your cruise!  Everyone brings their own beverages and an appetizer to share and it usually starts around 5:30 p.m. and goes until 7:30 p.m. (or until you throw the dawdlers overboard!)


Four Simple Steps to Hosting a Cruise

  1. Schedule it . . . Just contact HHSA Rear Commodore for Cruising, Steve McGill ( and he’ll help you pick a weekend and destination that works for you.
  2. Pick a destination . . . Select a destination from one of the Possible Destinations, or come up with your own!  Let Steve know where you want to go and she’ll see that it gets on the Cruising Calendar and is advertised to the membership.
  3. Anchor or dock at your selected destination by 5:00 p.m. the day of the cruise.
  4. Blow your horn, ring your bell, or whatever strikes your fancy, to notify the cruisers around you that Happy Hour on your boat has officially started!

Other Hosting Tips

  • Cruises can be on the hook or docked at a marina
  • If docking at a marina, sometimes the marina will provide dockage discounts and/or picnic areas to hold Happy Hour
  • When deciding to host a cruise, you may want to schedule the date but wait until the date gets closer in order to judge weather and wind direction before selecting your destination
  • Your cruise can have a theme if you want – Trivia Cruise, Crazy Hat Cruise, Cinco de Mayo Cruise, Halloween Cruise!  Use your imagination!
  • Some cruisers choose to raft up with another boat and co-host a cruise
  • After your cruise is over, it would be much appreciated if you can write up a short note about the cruise (destination, which boats participated, and anything else you care to share about the event) and submit it (along with pictures if possible) for publication in the HHSA monthly newsletter.
For the nitty-gritty on cruising with HHSA, click here for the Guide to Cruising with HHSA

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