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Thank you Kent and Bob!

Glissade will be RC if I can get some crew. Anyone like to help? Send me a text 703 303-8591.

Kent Kunze

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Autumn Classic is this weekend. No one has volunteered for RC yet.

Who will be stepping up?


Thanks Matt

Maybe I missed it. I included it in the schedule.

I am driving back cross country this Sunday. Hopefully will be there on Wednesday.


I will be RC on Three Seas in place of Gaia. I thought this was already arranged?

Btw…plenty of room for 4-5 more if anyone wants to join. 


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We need a RC for this coming Wednesday. Who's turn is it? Who hasn't done it yet?



Super, thanks!

Congrats on Gov Cup

Hi Michel

Happy Place will do the Poplar Island race.


We still do not have any RC for Race 5 of Series 3 nor for the Double Handed Race.

As a reminder, Less experienced RCs are always welcome to ask for help from more experienced racers. This includes picking a good course in light of the conditions and making sure the line is square to the wind. Don't be shy.

Also remember that a good line is better than a on time start. If you have a severe wind shift in the middle of the sequence, raise the AP flag (Cat in the Hat), ask for help in moving the line and start again).

I plan on being RC for the West River Race, August 24


After a Women's Regatta for the books (Congratulations to the winners Happy Place and Chessie and all participants) it is back to HHSA business.

We have Salute for RC this Wednesday, but need volunteers for most of July and all of August. We definitely need RC for July 7 and July 21 as Spook is tentative for the 14th. For weekend races we need RC for the Double Handed Race on August 8 and the West River Race on August 21.

So if you have not done it yet please step up and send me the date you will be doing it. As always, available dates are visible on the Racing Calendar.

On a personal note, Amara will race this Wednesday but we will be gone after that until mid August, though I will continue to "officiate" on the Forum and Racing page.


Summer Regatta is in the books, thanks to all who assisted Firth of Tay for RC duty (by the way if you ever look for a classy and comfortable way to do RC duty, that's probably the best one after maybe the cat).

Next up is Sharps Island next Saturday. We still don't have an RC for that. It looks to be a nice cool evening, perfect for barbequing and swimming while the racers fight it out. Please sign up!


I can also be available for the 6th and the Summer Regatta.

Rich Ordeman

Kent Kunze of Glissade fame will help. We're all set for June 6.

Still looking for RC for the Sharps Island.

The following week Amara gives the start to the Leukemia Cup.

An busy month of June coming up, away from the noise of the cicadas

We are looking for one or two VACCINATED volunteers to help Peter and I officiate during the summer regatta on Sunday June 6. Please reach out to me at if you are interested.



Firth of Tay will take RC duties for the summer regatta on June 6. I will be onboard to manage the event with Peter and others he is currently roping in.

Next up is Sharps Island Race on June 12. We need an RC for that beautiful twilight race.

We also need RCs for most of Series 2 and 3. Please look at the schedule and send me emails indicating the dates you will be taking on the task.



Thanks Jason

Good morning! We just had a change in schedule, so Fine Tuned can take RC for the whole race.


Kent Kunze (Glissade) offers to the start of the Bloody Point race this weekend. however he cannot stay for the duration.

So by order of preference:

1) Someone volunteers to do RC for the whole race

2) Someone else comes to get the arrivals time ( a little tricky as you have to time it right) or

3) Folks need to take their own times on arrival at A according to 11.C of our Racing Rules:

If the Race Committee is not on station, a boat finishes when the foremost part of the hull crosses an imaginary line not over 100 feet away from the finish mark and 90 degrees from the lay line of the final leg of the course.

If that happens make sure the times you write down are to the second and on GPS time. Please email the times to Hank (it will be the middle of the night for me) at including the name of your boat, class you sailed and indicate if you were shorthanded. Copy me at just in case.



Still no volunteer for this coming Saturday. I am about to get on a plane and will not even be around. (For those who know him Sarita will race with Tim Richards this Wednesday and they plan on going to Skippers afterwards).

back to Bloody Point. If no one steps up, it will need to be a rabbit which would be a great pity!



Many have signed up for RC duty on Wednesdays but we are short of volunteers for weekend races. The next one up is Bloody Point on May 15.

Who can/wants to do it?



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