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West River Race
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You too??!!

I retired due to heat and lack of wind. But the flies and gnats added greatly to the decision.

Fine tuned has retired. Too many flies.

Fine tuned has retired. Too many flies.

No I didn't. Thanks for letting me know.

Please note that DIVA II is cancelling participation in the race. Not sure if you received that message earlier today.
Have fun!

Happy Place is Spin B.

Nice breakdownd between the classes, 16 entries, not too shabby

Attached is the Entry List I have as of now. It is also posted on the Racing Page. Let me know if anything is incorrect.

See you tomorrow at HHSA A!

Salute, Non-Spin Cruising.

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Posted by: Michel Jichlinski on 8/20/2021 at 1:13 PM
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Putting together the score sheet. Can you please tell me what class you plan on racing. Reminder we have

Spin A
Spin B


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I am behind the curve as well, but our Commodore is not. He has been handling reservations that will likely be at hartge.

Avalon NS-R
Jim Murtland

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Fine Tuned in Spin B

Also, did you give them the reservation info yet? I’m really behind the power curve this week…

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Spook will be in NS   C.  Thanks

Delirium - Spin A


Putting together the score sheet. Can you please tell me what class you plan on racing. Reminder we have

Spin A

Spin B




Put-in-Bay is 30’ long and about 10’6” at the beam, with a draft of about 4’5”. Electricity is 30 Amp. Do We need to make a reservation directly with the dock master? Thanks! Bruce

Firth of Tay will be anchoring out somewhere in the West River, or Rhode River.

Blew Bayou is spending the night. We reserved with Pat the dock master a few
days ago.

Hi Michele,

Kaya will be staying over after West River Race. Details below:

Length: 36 ft.
Beam:   12.5 ft
Draft:     4.5 ft.
Power:  30A


DIVA II plans to spend the night.

Delirium will be at West River.  

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